The KOa Tree Project

The Koa Tree Project is a community and educational enterprise that aims to bring together gardeners, growers, artists and conservationists with adults suffering from ill health and children from across the spectrum to promote sustainable agriculture and nourishing lifestyles. 

Our aim is to develop a centre for sustainable agriculture that connects people with the land, their food and themselves. Through a holistic approach to sustainable growing and horticultural therapy our programs and volunteer days aim to inspire community, positive change and environmental consciousness.

We run a variety of courses in agroecology including coppicing, planning your smallholding, wildflower ID and hedgelaying, in permaculture gardening and wild food and in closed-loop agricultural systems. Our health and wellbeing programs include leadership and independence training for children and supported wellbeing for mental health suffers and the elderly, these programs can be tailored to your needs.  


Contact Andy on or 07912 611370 for more information.

Koa Tree Camp, 




EX39 6HE

TEL: +44 7492 750861   


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